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 Cremation Pendants 

We don't have pets, we have furry family members. When one of them leaves us, there is very little we can do to console ourselves. I made my first memory pendant with the ashes of our beloved dog Odie because he was the gentlest soul, and to carry a piece of him with me gives me peace. I started receiving requests from friends and have since worked on improving the process. Fusing ashes into glass can create gas bubbles that make the finished piece unstable, therefore we have created a process to eliminate this occurrence. There will still be small bubbles in the glass, but they will not impact durability. Currently, we are offering several different designs for you to choose from. You will be able to select the shape, the theme, and the coloring of your pendant, making this truly your design. Look through the gallery of pendants we have created below and when you are ready to create your own, click the DESIGN PENDANT button below.  

Please note :

All of our pendants are ONE OF A KIND, no two will look the same. The samples you see here are just to give you an idea of how they will look. Please keep in mind that when glass melts it always comes out differently. This is part of the magic of working with warm glass, so please be aware that we cannot guarantee a specific look or color. We usually fuse the ashes between two layers, so you will be able to see them, but they don't distract from the design. For the beach theme, the ash is mixed with the sand colored glass. 

Due to the ash producing gasses during the melting process, there is a chance that a piece of ash or metallic glass will rise to the surface, which will create a little rough patch on the surface (see examples below). This is completely natural and sometimes unavoidable. We don't see these marks as imperfections, but as character traits of truly one of a kind pieces.

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